Eagle Hollow Haunts Attraction

Sunday, Oct 27, 2019 from 7:30pm to 10:00pm


Eagle Hollow Haunts is Nebraska’s Premier Haunt Experience! Eagle Hollow isn't just one haunted house, it's a Scream Park! Plan to spend your whole evening with your friends at Eagle Hollow.



Luminon Is Fully Reimagined!

Luminon is an exciting alien world discovered within the last decade. An intrepid group of scientists discovered a type of ripple in space time, located near Eagle, Nebraska. This singularity has expanded the frontier of human experience.  By utilizing the properties of this fascinating discovery, scientists and adventurers have been enabled to explore a dramatic alien world.   Luminon was found to be very similar to the tropical areas on Earth.   During the day, it is much the same as Earth’s lush and beautiful environments.  However, at night the bioluminescence and light radiation of the planet creates a beautiful, lowing scenery.   SONY DSCThe first visitors to this planet found the nocturnal creatures to be very hostile and several scientific explorers were lost to the wilderness.   Because of this, the planet was named Luminon.It was named after a Chemical called Luminol which is used to locate blood at crime scenes using an UltraViolet light.

Just a few years later, a secure area of Luminon has been tamed and it is now perfectly safe for our visitors to stay at the ultimate ‘Luminon Resort’ created just for you!

An exciting alien world awaits!

Upon stepping through the vortex, you are transported a dozen or more light years from Earth. Scientists have yet to determine which star Luminon orbits, but they are certain it is within our own Milky Way galaxy. Atmospheric, solar and other conditions make it ideally suited to human life, which explains why the basic structures of life on Luminon are so similar to our own. New discoveries take place daily, as scientists from across our own globe delve into this latest branch of human discovery!

While Earth boasts some examples of bioluminescence, the phenomenon displayed by life on Luminon is outside all human experience. It is this stunning display that draws people from every corner of the world, and every walk of life, to Nebraska, to the vortex, to Luminon! Be the first of your neighbors to step on this far-flung planet, and be sure not to miss your opportunity to lose yourself in this unique experience!

Due to the low levels of radiation on Luminon you should keep your goggles on whenever you are venturing outside the Luminon Resort in order to protect your eyes.  Also, be advised that most of Luminon’s inhabitants are nocturnal and therefore we ask that you return to your hotel before nightfall as we do not know enough about all of Luminon’s inhabitants yet.


A crazed bus driver waits.The bus is destined to take you on a perilous one-way journey, which leaves many begging for the next stop. At your final destination, the bus leaves you, abandoned in the darkness. The bus slowly driving off into the distance. In front of you lies a gateway. The last protection from the Dark and evil things lurking on the other side.

After a strange death at the race track years ago, the lands on the other side of that wall have become haunted and a beacon for dangerous things that no longer fit in the rest of the world.

They are anxiously waiting to stalk your progress along a 3/4 mile long walking path through the unknown.   Maybe…just maybe, if you keep walking you can find your way back to the normal world.

Night Terrors:

Poor Penny keeps telling her parents that there are monsters in her bedroom, but her parents just think it is the usual childhood Night Terrors. Maybe you can help her get some sleep. Come visit Penny’s Night Terrors and delve into the surreal fears of the subconscious.

Do you think you can survive the night?

Only in your dreams!


No need to snarf something down at home or stand in line with your stomach growling (our aliens will do enough growling). We have full concessions at the Butcher’s Food Shack including Hot Dogs, BBQ Beef, Hamburgers, Chili, Monster Nachos, Caramel Apples, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and more!
Adult Beverages are available in the concessions.
Specialty shots and adult Emergency Refreshments are also available in the E.R.

The concession accepts Cash and Credit Cards. 

ATM on premises.

The E.R.:

If you are in need of some adult Emergency Refreshmen4080-spicifyt, visit Dr. Shots and Nurse Ivy in the E.R.  If you dare!  

They will be administering Shots, Injections, I.V. Shots and beer in the E.R.!

This area is only for our 21 and up visitors.
You must show I.D.!

Fire Pits:

Nothing says Autumn like a bonfire and the fire pits are free with your admission. Sure, our concession food is great, but you can’t beat a hot dog roasted over an open flame, or golden toasted marshmallows and s’mores. You can purchase ingredients at our concession stands, then grab your sticks, gather around the fire pits and tell ghost stories while you roast your hot dogs and marshmallows. Plus you are right in the action by the Scary-oke stage. That way you can laugh, cringe or join in with the stage howlers. Plus, not only are you within dancing distance if the moment catches you, but you may even get to watch a few people running for their lives.   It’s the best seat in the house!

If you want a private fire pit, please contact us about reserving one for your private party…

Plan your visit now to Eagle Hollow Haunts!

Scary-oke DJ:

Golden Eagle Music Karaoke will be out again this year to keep you singing and dancing with your friends. Serenade the crowd with your spooky favorites! When no one has the guts (mmm guts…) to sing, the DJ will keep the music going. Of course, there’s a reason we call it scary-oke. Those poor onlookers are often terrified at the howling coming from the stage, but we love it that way!!!

Here’s some fan videos of the frightful singing going on…. no really… it’s SCARY-OKE!

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