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Minden - Pioneer Village

138 East US Highway 6

You have to see it to believe it... The largest private collection of Americana anywhere. The Pioneer Village complex comprises 28 buildings on 20 acres housing over 50,000 irreplaceable items of historical value, restored to operating order, arranged in groups and also in the chronological order of their development. There are 12 historic buildings around the circular "green". There's a Frontier Fort, a real honest-to-goodness Pony Express Station, an Iron Horse, and a home made of sod. There's a general store and a toy store, chock full of all the goods from yesteryear. An original art collection including 25 Currier and Ives prints, 23 Jackson paintings, and the largest single collection of Rogers statues. You can ride a priceless steam carousel, see 17 historic flying machines and marvel at 100 antique tractors. See a 1902 Cadillac and a 1903 Ford, both designed by Henry Ford, plus 350 other antique cars, all displayed in their order of development. For a relaxing trip into yesterday, come to Pioneer Village.


Mark Marineo

Saturday, May 12, 2018
Round out your vacation with a history lesson This place is unique/ put together in the 50s by Harold Warp who did well in business with plastics. His display signs explain what you're looking at, how it was used and why it was important-- in a user-friendly way that informs and explains rather than trying to impress, as sometimes is done by other museums. Example: gasoline irons freed housewives from the hot house and allowed them to iron outside but didn't really catch on because they sometimes turned into infernos. It's easy to spend all day here-- so much to see. I spent twice as much at a famous Chicago museum and had enough after an hour-- but returned here the next day to finish the tour after being on California time, confusing the closing time, and being rescued after setting off security alarms after closing. Americana history delivered with a personal touch.

Carlo Emanuele Barbi

Friday, May 11, 2018
First of all: The collections is impressive, there is really much to see, so many things from a past era! Incredible. The staff is also very friendly. But: I could notice that since the founder passed away in the 1994 not much happened to this place. The collection is massivly compacted, imagine how wonderful if you could walk around each car. Instead they are pressed together with not much space between them. Admiring them is difficult. When I went in to the hangars where the Ford's where I could have started crying: All packed together. I don't know if it's for space reason or lack of money but many of the things (espescially outside) are starting to fall apart. The signs are old. The museum itself becomes a museum. That is so sad. Please go visit and maybe a day things will get better.... Highly recommended!

Dave Snodgrass

Wednesday, April 4, 2018
An amazing collection of Americana, with something to interest everyone. The collection of exhibits spans a wide spectrum, just a few areas include planes, trains, automobiles, horse drawn transportation; a village square with church, fire station, train depot, a sod house and even a working snack bar.

Melissa Seefeldt

Wednesday, May 2, 2018
Great place. Wish we would of got there sooner, so we could of taken our time and seem everything!

Scott Bensen

Wednesday, March 21, 2018
It is a nice stop if you have lots a time on your hands. There's something to see for every one.

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