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Hastings - Pastime Lanes

1400 West 18th Street

Welcome Bowlers to Our Center. Come enjoy our 32 lanes of bowling fun. Relax in our illusions lounge, play our arcade games and win prizes. Full menu cafe. Lot's to do at Pastime Family Fun Center!



Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Slightly outdated, which is fine in general. Food was overpriced and very low quality. The rental shoes, I am surprised they did not fall apart. Don't get the hourly "deal". It's a waste of money when your lane totally malfunctions and they have to move you. About 15 minutes wasted, no refund on the time or anything else to say sorry we wasted 1/4 of your time. Then you watch them 1 minute later try and give the faulty lane to others and they also have to be moved. Y'all knew it wasn't working....seriously where's the common sense?! per game, wear 2 pairs of socks for safety and eat before you get here......then you should be able to have a good time!

Ron Fullerton

Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2017
We used one of their meeting rooms for a family Christmas get together. They have nice rooms well insulated from the noise of bowling. And they have a game room as well as bowling to keep the young at heart amused. Food can be carried in, and alcohol can be served. Very nice facility to have available in our community.


Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017
This is an older bowling alley but the only one in town. It does get busy at times and it does have a lot of League activity. There's a game room for children, there's a nightclub, and there's also private party rooms that you can reserve. They also cater food for your event. The food is pretty good and reasonable. The hae disco bowling on certain nights which is great for the children. The bowling alley is also located right next to the ymca. This is helpful if you need a place for your children to be entertained while you are bowling. The alley also has a little snack bar that offers hot food.

Yolo Snoopy

Saturday, March 10, 2018
Good Place to bowl but wish they would have more people on staff

William Metzger

Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018
Stopped in with the family during the holidays. Had a ball! Loads of fun.

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