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Dobbys Frontier Town

320 East 25th Street


Dobby started out by fitting out an authentic General Store, like the one his family owned when he was a boy in the '30s. Soon, Dobby was rescuing historic buildings, recreating and furnishing authentic turn of the century homes and businesses.

Dobbys FrontierTown is home to the log cabin built by the region's first black homesteader and one of the first filling stations that served the area. Visitor rave about the chillingly authentic turn-of-the- century mortuary, the amazing assortment o goods in the general store and the Old West ambience of the saloon.

Dobby believes in sharing his love of the antiques and tools that populate his town. So, instead of warehousing his collection of artifacts behind glass, Dobby wants visitors to be able to pick up and handle the objects. Questions are encouraged.

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