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Columbus Event Center

3868 63rd Avenue

About Us:

The Columbus Hockey and Skate Center was incorporated in December of 2000, and opened its doors in January of 2001, bringing public skating and roller hockey leagues to Columbus area youth and adults. Skating and birthday parties were an immediate hit. As the rink remained a popular spot for kids and families, there were many more ideas on the table.

Today, the rink has added indoor soccer and dodgeball leagues to its lineup. It has been host to a number of concerts, fundraisers, sales, and many other events. And, many more things are planned for the future!

Having grown up from its days as just a hockey center and skating rink, and with all of these great things planned for the future of entertainment in Columbus, it was decided that the "Columbus Hockey and Skate Center Inc" name was no longer fitting to all that we had to offer. Starting in May of 2010, the rink began operating under its present name, Columbus Event Center. With all of the different events, activities, and other possibilities, this name was much more fitting.

So, going forward from here, the rink will continue to entertain and the Columbus community and surrounding area, and will always be looking for great entertainment for our town.

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